Earlier today I stumbled across one of the basics in general computing.

As I tried to create some small actionscript library components in FDT, the compc did not output the expected swc in the location specified. As of now FDT can automatically create an output folder, call it bin, deploy or whatever, when you create a new Flash Project, and creating a FDT-Library Run configuration will net you a nicely compressed swc file in said output location.

Instead I got nothing, and trying to checkout a previously good project from svn and building had the same effect.

Scanning the log, I found that instead of feeding the usual output location (/User/<username>/workspace/project/bin/library.swc) to the compc, FDT was sending in a path that looked something like /usr/private/fdtTmp/fdtTmp7578, and I got to spend some time grumbling why that happened. Google had no real help to offer.

It turned out that mac doesn’t really allow the eclipse/FDT to have any spaces in any path when executing compc, be it either in the workspace location or project location.

A basic rookie error, and I guess the years on Windows has had a placating effect.

Should be nice with a slap in the face from the *nix based platforms.

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