Digital signage, Kiosks, cell phones and AIR

I just thought: What if you could go to a record store, see the latest music videos on the big displays, buy the music via an interactive AIR application on the touchscreens  and transfer it to your iphone via bluetooth (or similar).

Why would you bother when you would be able to do exactly the same thing at home on the iTunes store?

Is digital signage something that will sprout and demand new exciting Rich (Internet?) Applications, or will evolution in mobile phones kill it off?

There is probably a big difference in selling physical and non-physical commodities. I assume Digital signage is a good thing (seen from an advertisers point of view) when the client is selling non-digital products. He needs a physical outlet. A store.

But then the creative guy will ask: Ok, people talk about how Digital signage delivers several advantages and all. I would like to do something new and unexpected. I’d like to do something interactive, cross some digital domains, maybe let people get something digital of value while at the physical store, that they can’t get at home while on the internets.

hmmm… this could spin some heads

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