_root Malpractice

more centipedes

Actually it is probably not malpractice (as in using _root to reference the main timeline not because you want the lowest/outermost timeline, but because of lack of knowledge of other means to reference other timelines), but the _root reference is being used quite a lot in the AS2 mx packages (do a text search of the mx files in your flash config folder: (Userfolder)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS4/en/Configuration/Classes/mx).

Please remember this before you misinterpret decompiled sourcecode and accuse someone of _root malpractice.

(_root malpractice is common for people that is not used to create swf files that may or may not be loaded into other swf files, changing the _root reference. Lockroot, notwithstanding, _root should not be used as a common reference to your main timeline. It’s a common misuse and should be handled as any other z-infestation, i.e. quarantined, handled by military types and ultimately nuked by the gov.)

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