Flex 3.5, AIR swc & ANT tasks

I am stuck on Flex SDK 3.5 at work.

Today I wanted to create a code library swc file with some AIR-specific classes and I wanted to write a build file.

It seems that there isn’t an acompc-task included in the Flex 3.5 sdk (3.5.0 build 12683), so I was using the exec-task and wrote arg-tags to expand the list of included library-paths.

External-library-path is a nice alternative to library-path if you do not want to redistribute code existing in other swc files, but I got into some problems when I wanted to use -external-library-path, because the syntax apparently has to be a bit different.

This syntax is valid but doesn’t work:

<arg line='-external-library-path "path/to/my.swc"' />

This syntax is also valid, but appears to be similar to setting the attribute append to “true” in the compc ANT-task:

<arg line='-external-library-path+="path/to/my.swc"'/>

If you have tried to substitute the library-path option with external-library-path you might have found that you have to set append=”true” and apparently this is how the command-line version looks like.

4 Responses to “Flex 3.5, AIR swc & ANT tasks”

  1. Hi Andkrup. Is there any chance of you posting a sample build.xml, in particular the part using acompc? Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Hi.


      Please remember to adjust the paths and the acompc executable file to your system. On windows, the executable file is acompc.bat. Mac/*nix users use the acompc.

      I hope it helps

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <project name="NewLibrary" basedir="." default="Complete Distro">
      	<property name="FLEX_HOME" value="/Users/Shared/SDK/Flex/adobe/flex_sdk_3.5.0.12683"/>
      	<property name="dir.build" value="${basedir}/bin"/>
      	<property name="dir.source" value="${basedir}/src"/>
      	<property name="dir.library" value="${basedir}/lib"/>
      	<property name="AsDoc.exe" value="bin/asdoc"/>
      	<property name="MXMLC" value="bin/mxmlc"/>
      	<property name="exe.svn" value="/usr/local/bin/svn"/>
      	<property name="dir.player" value="player/10"/>
      	<property name="dir.frameworks" value="frameworks/libs"/>
      	<property name="dir.docs" value="docs/asdoc"/>
      	<target name="Complete Distro" depends="clean Complete Distro" description="Creates a public distribution without redistributing library files">
      		<exec executable="${FLEX_HOME}/bin/acompc" failonerror="true">
      			<arg line='-library-path "${FLEX_HOME}/${dir.frameworks}/flex.swc"'/>
      			<arg line='-library-path "${FLEX_HOME}/${dir.frameworks}/framework.swc"'/>
      			<arg line='-library-path "${FLEX_HOME}/${dir.frameworks}/rpc.swc"'/>
      			<arg line='-library-path "${FLEX_HOME}/${dir.frameworks}/utilities.swc"'/>
      			<arg line='-library-path "${FLEX_HOME}/${dir.frameworks}/${dir.player}/playerglobal.swc"'/>
      			<arg line='-external-library-path+="${dir.library}/as3corelib.swc"' />
      			<arg line='-external-library-path+="${dir.library}/zip.swc"' />
      			<arg line='-external-library-path+="${dir.library}/Library.swc"' />
      			<arg line='-source-path "${dir.source}/"' />
      			<arg line='-include-sources "${dir.source}/com/electric/air/events/"' />
      			<arg line='-output "${dir.build}/NewLibrary.swc"'/>
        <target name="clean Complete Distro" description="Deletes the NewLibrary.swc">
            <fileset dir="${dir.build}" includes="NewLibrary.swc"/>
  2. Thank you Andkrup!! Works perfectly πŸ™‚

  3. Here’s a little update:

    I didn’t really think about it but it is quite obvious

    Since the acompc is only a script, you can of course use the normal compc ant task. The only difference is that you should load the air-config instead of the default flex-config, which is what the acompc script does.

    <compc output="${dir.build}/${ant.project.name}.swc" target-player="10.0.0">
    <load-config filename="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks/air-config.xml" />
    <!-- yadda yadda -->

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