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Using Actionscript Library swc files in CS3

Posted in Development with tags , , , on November 22, 2008 by andkrup

Sometimes in corporate development you might want to share a generic library of classes with developers. Usually the way that is done is by giving them a zip file containing your neatly organized actionscript classes, and have them create a classpath to the unpacked contents, or by sharing a location on a network folder containing those same classes.

If the classes mostly are generic framework classes, used over and over again and you have a good framework design, wouldn’t it be cool if you could hand over a compiled library file (aka swc file)? That way you could also stop worrying about handing over company code to freelancers (it’s a bit more practical to void decompiling a swc than it is to void opening a text file).

The initial procedure would be to compile your library in FDT/Flex and share it with whomever needs to use the code, but as CS3 isn’t installed on my machine currently, this will wait until monday. Googling the subject has yet to turn up any signs of relevant problems, but that may be because I haven’t dealt into it enough to find the best search terms.

Possible show-stoppers include: alignment of flex sdk and cs3 classes (playerglobal.swc differences), how cs3 handle a pure actionscript swc.

(edit: Looking more closely on the google results revealed these among others) Links to pages on the subject: