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Creating AIR applications with FDT

Posted in Actionscript, AIR, Bugs & Solutions, Development with tags , , on September 25, 2009 by andkrup

How do you create AIR applications in FDT?

By googling ‘fdt air’, you get these 2 fine links:


These posts are very nice introductions, but there is something you might want to check out.

Flex SDK version

If you decide to use the Flex SDK with the included AIR, you should use the descriptor xml file that is included with the SDK version you are using.

I got some “descriptor version does not match runtime version“- and subsequently “application filename must have a non-empty value“- errors, because the descriptor xml file format was changed.

Using the sample descriptor file included with the SDK, you will be certain that the format fits the adl executable.

Icon problems

I also encountered some difficulties with packaging icons. I got the error “error 303: Icon icons/AIRApp_32.png is missing from package”, which, as it turned out, comes out when there is a mismatch between where the icon files will be placed in the package, and the icon arguments in the descriptor file. It would be nice to look into this further.

One solution is to comment out any icon tags in the descriptor file, package and then unzip the resulting *.air file (as it really is only a zip file) in order to find the location of the icons. Then put that location into the icon tags and uncomment them in the descriptor file.