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Problems & Errors encountered during Red5 installation on Ubuntu 11.04

Posted in Development, Java, red5, ubuntu with tags , , , , , on August 10, 2011 by andkrup

During a Red5 installation on Ubuntu 11.04 I encountered some problems and errors.

The Red5 documentation does not really include the common problems that you may encounter while installing it.

This can be attributed to Red5 previously requiring java, ant and subversion.

Target System

Ubuntu 11.04


Look up resources on how to install java on ubuntu 11.04. The short version is that java isn’t included in Natty and Natty doesn’t know where to look for it, so you need to add a line in a file with an url so Natty can look up a java distribution and install it.

Anyway, this is how it went:

Problems while installing Red5

Problems while testing Red5

After creating the start-up scripts (can be found on the bottom of this page ) Red5 hopefully starts up like we want it, and we want to test it.

But first we need to get acquainted with Red5 terminology in order to be able to google properly.

The Red5 version 1.0 installation contains client-side demo samples that require a server-side counterpart. Clients connect to a Red5 server application which you must install in the Red5 webapp folder.


Most of the time this status message was popping up because Red5 couldn’t install the server application correctly. Somehow I got this to work when:

  1. Red5 was started with sudo (see below), so file permissions is out of the picture
  2. Connecting to the correct url

Starting the Red5 server manually:

sudo /etc/init.d/red5 start > dev/null &

Problems with the admin part

In order to run the admin demo, you need to do this first:

  1. find the documentation about how to install the required parts (it’s here: – the page is aptly named so it’s easy to find) so you know what to do.
  2. download the admin plugin (it’s here:
  3. download the admin.jsp into the webapp/root folder (from here:
  4. use the admin.jsp to create a new admin user.
  5. input the correct text in the server input field (only the server name, like in an apache config without stating protocol and port)

Installing on Natty can be done like so (assuming that you installed red5 in (/opt/red5):

cd /opt/red5/webapps/root
sudo wget

The documentation assumes that all required jar files are included in the zip file, but atm, they’re not…


The name says it all – you need some classes, because either the Red5 team assumes you already have them installed or they just didn’t bother including them in the distribution.

This support ticket describesthe problem:

While the ticket status is set to fixed, you would assume that the has been re-packaged, but at the time of writing you need to fetch the missing jar files from somewhere else:

Using I found these compatible files:

that you can download directly into the plugins folder like so (assuming that you installed red5 in (/opt/red5):

cd /opt/red5/plugins
sudo wget
unzip jasper-6.0.18.jar
sudo wget
unzip jasper-jdt-6.0.18.jar
sudo wget
unzip jasper-el-6.0.18.jar

Hopefully this helps